All things legal –the City of Karlsruhe

As the seat of the German Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Court of Justice, Karlsruhe has the nickname “Residence of Law” – but thanks to its unique urban architecture it is also still known as the “fan city”. Karl Drais invented the first two-wheeler as a precursor to the bike here in 1817 and Hoepfner has been brewing beer here for 200 years. Karlsruhe is not just one of the sunniest places in Germany but according to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute one of Germany’s best major cities to live in*. (Drive from Ispringen: approx. 30 minutes)



Famous Buffalo Bill made a guest appearance with his Wild West show in Karlsruhe


percent of the city is green space


avenues run like a fan from the Palace into the city, hence the nickname “fan city”.