Cookie BattleWho bakes the best cookies?

Besides fairy lights and Advent calendars, cookies are of course a must during the Christmas season. Around two thirds of Germans bake their biscuits in their own kitchen during the Christmas season. Our two employees from the marketing department, Mona Kuhn and Laura Sommer, baked what they could and then competed against each other in the big "Cookie Battle".

December 20th 2022, Joshua Gänshirt

Laura competed with a recipe that has been handed down for generations and contains a lot of butter. She hoped that this old recipe, consisting of flour, some lemon zest, vanilla sugar and sugar, eggs and lots of butter would help her to win.

Opposing her was another traditional family recipe from Mona. Margarine, icing sugar, a dash of lemon juice, and here too eggs and flour as well as the secret ingredient of ground hazelnuts - were perfectly coordinated over the years to now prove themselves in front of the jury.However, the biscuits of the two competitors had another feature in common, a lot of crumbles.

Under the critical eyes, ears and taste buds of the jury, the biscuits were closely inspected. The jury consisted of the highly qualified "cookies professionals" Joanna Widmann, Fernando Escudero and Joshua Gänshirt. They judged in several categories: Taste, appearance, crushing sound and chewing experience.

After several tastings - countless cookies were examined, evaluated and eaten - the jurors presented the results. The final evaluation was done on a scale of 1-10 points in the categories of appearance and taste. Laura's cookies won in the taste category because of the "memories of home". Mona's cookies, on the other hand, were unbeatable in the appearance category. You can find the exact recipes to bake and try on our Instagram-Account.