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The onset of autumn heralded the start of the trade fair season at the training department at Rutronik. In September and October, Rutronik was represented at three apprenticeship and advanced training fairs in the region. These included the apprenticeship and advanced training exchange in Mühlacker (12.10.2019), the do.IT fair in Pforzheim (28.09.2019) and the apprenticeship platform in Stutensee (21.09.2019).

Numerous exhibitors presented a wide range of training professions, internships, dual study courses or extensive advance training possibilities. At the Rutronik stand, schoolchildren and some of their parents received comprehensive information about the training opportunities at our company. In particular, the training profession of IT specialist, which is offered in the fields of application development and system integration, attracted great interest among visitors to the do.IT and Stutensee events. At the event in Mühlacker, there was strong interest in the training profession as an E-commerce administrator.

Support at the stand was provided by our training managers (Ms Nürnberger, Mr Hary and Ms Sievers), cooperative university students (Mr Schöpf (business administration – commerce)) and apprentices from a range of training professions. (Mr Aydemir, Mr Reimisch and Ms Gerlich (all wholesale and foreign trade) Mr Bemmann, Mr Serkizyan (both IT) Ms Babaa (administrator for forwarding and logistics services))

In addition to our training offerings, our free gifts were a hot topic of conversation with the ‘highlighter humans’ bearing our familiar slogan “make it work” particularly sought-after. As well as providing an exciting change to the everyday working routine, the trade fairs proved to be hugely enjoyable events for our apprentices. We look forward to seeing one or two familiar faces again among the new entrants in 2020.