LMG meetsRutronik

April 20, 2018, Vincent Krieg

17 selected students from the Lise Meitner Gymnasium secondary school were able to get to know Rutronik for one day on March 23, 2018.

Danijel Corko, Connectors & Cables Product Manager, introduced the group to the company first, followed by a presentation on marketing. This showed the students how their curriculum is applied in a real company and proved to be an excellent revision for their pending business studies exams. 

Afterwards, the students got to know the warehouse system during a guided tour. Mr. Christian Dirks, a member of staff on the warehouse hotline, explained in detail how the logistics system works at Rutronik. To round off the day, Lena Schmid, Personnel Officer, presented the various education and training opportunities that Rutronik offers.