Graduation ceremonyof the bachelor students

After gaining a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge and passing many exams in the process, the champagne corks were finally popped. After three years, it was time to congratulate all the dual-study students from the class of 2018 on completing their bachelor’s degree courses - and we finally did it in person again! At the end of October and in compliance with the applicable hygiene rules, we were able to present our former students with their certificates and farewell gifts. Seeing as the graduating ceremony for the class of 2017 had to be canceled last year due to the Covid-19 crisis, it was all the more gratifying that we could toast this year's achievements together again.

Dr. Gregor Sommer, Chief Financial Officer at Rutronik, began the tribute with a speech that referred to the challenges of studying throughout the pandemic and the problems this caused. The difficult situation faced by the students makes him even prouder of the excellent results achieved by them on the various degree programs.

Christina Gruber, Head of HR Management, also emphasized the importance of the dual-study program for Rutronik and the high level of success achieved by the students. This year, the vote for student of the year was such a close call that Sarah Sievers and Holger Hary (both HR Specialists Vocational Training) recognized the outstanding achievements of three bachelor’s students in particular and presented them each with an iPad. Congratulations to all three winners: Annalena Kärcher (Business Administration - Sales Management – now Project Manager Supply Chain Solutions), Manuel Fischer (Business Administration and Engineering – now Internal Audit) and Johannes Eisenmenger (Business Administration - Technical Management – now a working student in Strategic Marketing).

All the honored graduates have decided to further develop their professional careers at Rutronik. Various teams have welcomed the support and assistance provided by the former students: Timo Veile (Accounting & Controlling - now Controller/Project Manager CO/FIBU) has joined the Controlling team, Raffel Maier (Business Information Systems - now IT Applications Manager) has joined the IT team and Jan Stoll (Business Administration and Engineering - now Project Coordinator Strategic Marketing) has joined the Strategic Marketing team. Three other former students, Maike Siebert (Business Administration - Management in Commerce – now Internal Sales Assistant), Filipe Dos Reis (Business Administration - Management in Commerce – now Product Sales Manager Wireless) and Marcel Kappler (Business Administration - Management in Commerce – now a member of the Material Management team), are already successfully working in Sales and Product Marketing at Rutronik.

However, the class of 2018 once again shows how diverse the career opportunities at Rutronik really are, since while eight of the former students gained a permanent position at Rutronik, Johannes Eisenmenger, one of the top students of the class of 2018, decided to commence a full-time university course instead. He will, nonetheless, continue to support the "Strategic Marketing" team as a working student, thereby remaining in close contact with Rutronik.