Rutronik congratulates its 2021 graduates

The pandemic is still with us and continues to cause challenges for vocational training courses. Gaining valuable experience in various departments has been put on hold, while “observing” an experienced colleague at work is now done in front of a Webex split screen. Vocational lessons are taught remotely and group revision sessions in the run-up to exams are conducted online instead of together in person. Under these difficult circumstances, six apprentices completed their training in Wholesale and Foreign Trade in February, and we are proud to have retained the services of all this year’s successful graduates. Jule Theilmann and Adelina Chiarello will continue to develop their careers in our Legal and Material Management departments respectively. They may have completed their apprenticeships, but the learning days of Lena Dettinger, Viktor Reimisch, Patrick Malsam and Cabbar Aydemir are far from over, as they all plan to start a dual study program in Industrial Engineering, International Business and Logistics in October. In the fall, Patrick Malsam will be the first student to experience the new business administration course in Digital Commerce Management.

Stefan Hinsa and Markus Fleischhauer also completed their vocational training in July. Congratulations to both of them, and we are delighted that they have decided to build and develop their careers with Rutronik.

After successfully passing his three-year course in Wholesale and Foreign Trade, Stefan Hinsa will now be further developing his skills and knowledge as an Internal Sales Assistant. Particularly worthy of mention: He was awarded the highest grade in the graduating year 2021. Rutronik rewarded this achievement with a cash prize and an iPad. Markus Fleischhauer also successfully passed his training course as an IT Specialist specializing in Systems Integration. He is looking forward to starting his new role at Rutronik as an IT Systems Manager.

“It is always very special and exciting to help young people take their first career steps. At Rutronik, the focus is, above all else, on promoting their talents. We achieve this goal through intensive mentoring and by integrating our apprentices and students directly into teams as competent members. The successful completion of training confirms that the Rutronik way is the right one,” explains Holger Hary, HR Specialist Vocational Training at Rutronik.

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Our graduates in february

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