Everything is new! Rutronik at the region’s largest vocational training fair

January 21, 2019, Marcel Fritz


After modernizing and adding the new career portal rutronik-careers.com to its website last October, Rutronik launched a new stand design at the recent fair ‘Einstieg Beruf’. Along with around 370 companies and vocational training colleges, Rutronik presented itself in a new look on Saturday, January 19, 2019, at the region’s largest vocational training fair in the dm-Arena in Karlsruhe. The free event allowed various exhibitors to provide information about vocational training options and dual study programs in the industry, health, service, technical, and trade sectors – which is why Rutronik was also present.

Offering advice and information – we can do that, too!

A number of trainees and I were allowed to join Holger Hary and Nicole Maisch and to represent our company at the region’s largest vocational training fair.

Visitors began arriving in a trickle, but this soon turned into a steady stream. We met lots of interested pupils who wanted to discover more about the training courses and dual study programs available at Rutronik. Each of us had the opportunity to answer innumerable questions, to talk about our own experiences, and to pass on interesting information.

We were also able to discuss matters with more reserved visitors who were concerned that our training courses might be ‘too technical’, have interesting conversations with them true to the claim ‘resistance is useless’, which can be found on the new career slogan cards alongside other claims, and to convince them that there is much more to Rutronik than ‘just electronics’.

As part of a speed-dating session, visitors who were particularly interested had the chance to impress us during a short ‘job interview’ and to get to know Rutronik even better.

There was never a dull moment. We had a lot of fun sharing our experiences with so many interested young people and helping them decide whether one of Rutronik’s many training courses or dual study programs might suit them. And who knows, some of the visitors may soon have the opportunity to meet up again this year as members of the large team of trainees and students at Rutronik.