graduation ceremonyfor trainees and students

August 28, 2019, Sarah Sievers

,,Take some time to celebrate, you have earned it!" - Thomas Rudel (CEO)

“Continue to be just as diligent and ambitious as you have been because conditions in the working world will definitely not get easier,” said CEO Thomas Rudel during the graduation ceremony for five trainees and four dual study university students. In his brief address, the chairman of the management board addressed the challenges that young people can expect to be confronted with during the course of their lives. It was clearly important to him to give the graduates a realistic perspective of today’s working world. At the same time, Thomas Rudel emphasized that motivated people will always make their own way and that he firmly believes the same holds true for the graduates of 2019. “We are always open to new ideas,” he added.

Dominik Schmidt, Head of HR Development & Recruiting, also had words of praise for the graduates and pointed out that Rutronik has outstanding opportunities to offer motivated and talented young professionals – such as overseas assignments at the company’s subsidiaries worldwide. Dominik Schmidt, Holger Hary, Jasmin Nürnberger and Sarah Sievers then presented diplomas to the graduating students and trainees. For passing their final exam, Tamara Schwerdtle (trainee as commercial sales representative for forwarding agents and logistics services), Andre Gilly and Danny Hemminger (both trainees for warehouse logistics) received gift certificates. The two dual study university graduates Giulia Augenstein (Business Administration-Retail/Sales Management) and Stephan Stroh (Computer Science) received a small gift basket for the getting through their final exams and final phase of their thesis.

For outstanding work on their Bachelor’s theses, Lisa Weiler (Business Administration-Retail) and Marcel Fritz (Business Administration-Retail) were given a bonus. Other award recipients included Mr. Weihing (Business Administration - International Business) and Mr. Werner (Business Administration Retail) who also received outstanding grades for their Bachelors theses. On the day before the graduation ceremony, Dominik Volkmer (trainee for information technology with a focus on system integration) and Hope Lutz (trainee as sales representative for marketing communication) were also honored. Ms. Lutz received an iPad for attaining the best grades of the year. After a small champagne reception and a group photo, Thomas Rudel bade farewell to the trainees and students with the following words: “Before you start your new lives, take some time to celebrate, you have earned it. And that is how it should be!”

Rutronik wants to say thank you to them for their dedication and commitment over the past few years and is looking forward to future cooperation in the respective departments.