CAPITAL Vocational Training Study 2020

The German business magazine CAPITAL together with the talent platform and the HR marketing experts from TERRITORY EMBRACE set out for the fourth time to find Germany's best vocational training company. Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente was one of the companies awarded, boasting 4 out of 5 stars in both the "vocational training" and the "dual studies" category.

The survey, which entails answering more than 90 detailed questions, ran from the end of March to mid-June – just when the entire German economy was in coronavirus mode. Nevertheless, more than 660 companies took part in the CAPITAL study, 11 percent more than last year. The companies employ around 4 million full-time employees and 138,000 trainees. They include Dax-listed corporations, large authorities, many small and medium-sized enterprises and tradespeople.

Of the 666 companies that took part in the survey, 495 achieved good or very good results in the "vocational training" category and were awarded the title "Best Vocational Training Company" by CAPITAL. 171 of them earned the top score of five stars and another 324 companies received four stars. In the "dual studies" category, 342 companies were awarded, with 101 of them earning five stars and 241 four stars.

The study provides a nationwide overview of the "Best Vocational Training Companies in Germany" by region and occupational group. Companies that employ at least 5 trainees or 3 dual-study students were allowed to participate. Detailed analyses can be found at

Above all, "training marketing" and "support" during the training period were rated as above average in the CAPITAL Vocational Training Study. In the "support" category, regular feedback discussions with the trainees/dual-study students and an offer of regular events had a positive impact on the score of the individual assessments. Good training marketing at Rutronik includes, for instance, onboarding, which begins even before the start of training through a wide range of measures, as well as various benefits, such as travel allowances.