BERUF AKTUELL in Pforzheim



The 26th edition of ‘Beruf-Aktuell’, the region’s largest vocational training fair, took place at CongressCentrum Pforzheim (CCP) and Jahnhalle on February 1, 2019.

In total, 210 exhibitors from an array of firms, schools and universities presented their training-specific products and services.

This gave several thousand young people the opportunity to find out all about various dual study programs and training occupations from roughly 1000 employees. Further, staff from the German Federal Employment Agency were also on hand to assist with any queries from potential applicants.

Rutronik greeted this year’s applicants with:

  • Image movies about potential occupations at Rutronik, which visitors were able to watch on a monitor.
  • A postcard stand offering an overview of the various vocational training courses and graduate study programs on offer.
  • An iPad to get a look and feel for how the latest Rutronik careers website works.

An absolute highlight this year was the photo-card, which enabled applicants to submit a ‘short application’ to exhibitors.The 2020 Rutronik team consisted of the trainees Adelina M. Chiarello and Viktor Reimisch, the graduate students Laurin Dahn and Alica Müller, and Sarah Sievers and Holger Hary from HR Development. The friendly and welcoming approach of our team helped to attract the interest of many applicants. Its bright and colourful design, technical equipment and great giveaways drew many visitors to our booth. This year’s fair ended around 2 pm just as we started to run low on information material and giveaway items.

We demonstrated an ability to work extremely well, both as a team and individually, and gained valuable experience for the future.

Now, we look forward to receiving lots of applications and the next fair event.