Apprentices and students are aiming high

July 5, 2018

It was finally time again for the annual apprentices’ outing on Tuesday June 19, 2018. Roughly 25 apprentices and students set off together with the training managers Julia Kolem and Jasmin Nürnberger. The destination: the adventure park in Nagold.

The excitement and anticipation increased on arrival. After being welcomed by the owner, we were all ready in the starting blocks. Naturally there was more behind this than just an outing, so we started by thinking about what actually makes a good team.

Communication, responsibility, motivation and other terms were discussed in more detail. So we were THEORETICALLY prepared for the various tasks that lay ahead of us.

Totally motivated we set about climbing over a 4-meter wall, balancing balls over 2 meters with the help of strings and maneuvering ourselves over a whole range of obstacles and courses.  Despite a few repeated attempts, we then managed it together in the set time. So we could take our first break with a good conscience before daring the next challenge.

This was a competition between 3 teams: A race on skis over grass, transporting heavy and less heavy objects, throwing and many other tasks. Resulting in one winning team and 2 other teams who could be just as proud, at the end of the day everyone reached the finish line despite it feeling like 40 degrees Celsius.

Now we were really aiming high, almost half the participants dared to climb up even further.  After a detailed safety briefing, we were allowed to climb higher and higher with the help of ladders, steps, trees and other aids. Following a sometimes wobbly and nerve-racking climb, we were able to enjoy the breathtaking view from the top before descending again slowly with 6 ropeways. It was fun for everyone involved to watch how the others did on the climbing course and how you can sometimes maybe push yourself to your limits.

There was a really great meal to round off the day fittingly. Barbecued meat to suit all tastes, bread, potatoes and various salads to choose from.

As a result, we were able to make our way home again with a full belly and the knowledge that we can cope with anything as a team.