Apprentices take responsibilityRutronik Flashback Countdown

Rutronik's end-of-year campaign - the Rutronik Flashback Countdown 2021. Similar to an Advent calendar, new surprises can be discovered door by door throughout December. The countdown is one of many activities in which trainees can put their learned skills to use.

During their apprenticeship as Management Assistant Marketing & Communication, trainees spend a large part of their time working in the Global Marketing Communication department. This promotes rapid integration into the team and a lot of experience is gained in the field of marketing at an early stage. Rutronik also shows its trust in its trainees by allowing them to take responsibility for projects. This includes them planning, organizing and working independently. The international end-of-year campaign is an example for this. The campaign allowed them to be part of a project from start to finish and to help shape it.

The Rutronik Flashback Countdown 2021 required many organizational aspects such as conception, planning, many consultations, checks, approvals and coordination.

During the realization of such a campaign, you get to work with all kinds of media such as websites, newsletters, social media, etc. and you can also gain a lot of experience by using a wide range of tools from image editing to website construction.

Did the work pay off? Check out the Rutronik Flashback-Countdown 2021!