DHBW goes Mumbai:Insights into the DHBW short-term program "Business Environment India"

"I was impressed by the fact that you can get to know so many different departements at Rutronik." Students and trainees report - this time: DH student Luisa Müllich about her time in India.

29th January 2024, Luisa Marie Müllich

Currently, the issue of the shortage of skilled workers plays a central role in discussions about future economic development. Above all, the recruitment of talented junior staff is of crucial importance. Rutronik offers trainees and students numerous advantages and prospects and has set up many support programs. Here, students and trainees report on why they chose Rutronik and what they have experienced since the beginning of their training.

What were your motives for starting this study entry?
The Business Administration and Commerce degree program appealed to me because the course content is very versatile, which makes the lecture period very varied. Trade as a focus of the degree programme is a very exciting and important industry, which I was already enthusiastic about during my school days.

Why did you choose Rutronik?
I became aware of Rutronik through the website of the DHBW Karlsruhe. "I was thrilled that you can get to know so many different areas at Rutronik." I also think it's great that you get the opportunity to gain experience abroad.

How long have you been with Rutronik and what tasks were you most recently responsible for, or in which department were you during your last practical phase?
The start of my dual study program at Rutronik was in October 2021. In my last practical phase, I was employed in the field of PMP resistors. There I had the great opportunity to attend an appointment with one of our manufacturers. Furthermore, I was able to learn a lot about the versatile resistances and also participate in calls with customers.

What interesting experiences did you gain during your semester abroad that you would not have expected?
I already knew before my trip that the traffic in India is very different from ours in Germany. However, I didn't expect a family of 6 to be able to ride a single scooter. Another interesting experience was my visit to Dharavi, the second largest slum in Asia. The people who live there are incredibly warm. Contrary to what you might think, Dharavi is where most of the children go to school and the best students receive Funding for their further education.

What was a special experience in India that you will remember for a long time?
The last evening was especially nice as the Indian students had a great program for us. We danced Bollywood with them and our hands were painted by a henna artist. In addition, each a traditional Indian vest that was individually embroidered. We found "Kaju Katli" particularly tasty. This is a kind of marzipan made from cashew nuts.

What advice would you like to give to prospective students?
Enjoy your time as a student and take advantage of what the DHBW has to offer, if you have the opportunity. In this way, you will also get to know nice fellow students from other degree programs.