Fit for the future –Rutronik Professionals

At Rutronik we look forwards with you and provide the perfect working conditions in the here and now. Where everything we do intersects, there is a secure job and if you prove suitable and perform well we offer you the opportunity of a permanent position. What makes us so sure? Besides the fact that we are only committed to us and our staff as an owner-run company, the location close to our key markets like the automotive industry is another important factor. Continuous investments in groundbreaking technologies ensure Rutronik’s future sustainability, which is also very clear from the staff development over the last few years.


A career


Accept challenges

Responsible and varied, across roles and countries: your work as a professional at Rutronik is exciting and will remain so too! Thanks to the close collaboration with many company divisions and with suppliers and customers in Germany and abroad, there is no room for monotonous business as usual here. It is much more about taking on challenges, using opportunities and enjoying work as much as possible in this way.



Relying on the team

Open and collegial working relationships are among the essential prerequisite for success at Rutronik: among each other, in a team and across all levels of our flat hierarchy. These include evolved structures that do not prevent new people joining from outside but which are bonded together into a stronger entity with team building activities, sports groups or corporate events.



Quenching a thirst for knowledge

At Rutronik we see investing in our staff as investing in the future. As a result, up to ten percent of the working hours are intended for courses and further training, whether they are at the Rutronik Academy or manufacturers’ courses. The standard of qualification is also maintained at a constantly high level thanks to close internal networking and long-standing staff passing on their knowledge.