Junior ManagerContest 2017

November 21, 2017

The meeting point was in front of Camlog/Altatec in Wimsheim, where the Junior Manager Contest was taking place on November 11 at 8.30 a.m.

After a short welcome and introduction to the simulation game we were allowed to start at 10.00 a.m. The objective of this simulation game was to take over a company that assembles e-bikes in groups of four and lead it to success using various sales strategies.

After each round we were given the results of the last financial year with new problems or advantages (e.g. the e-bike market rises by 30% or the dismissal costs per employee increase to €20,000.00) in order to change our strategy or adapt it to the market. There were four rounds or business periods in total in which we could never ignore the six competitors. So we always had to adjust our price to discount or premium e-bikes. We had to make new decisions over and over again about how much we want to produce and sell and adjust our number of employees accordingly.

After sufficient fortification during the lunch break we were given an activity to complete during the break. The task was to come up with a commercial for our company P.D.C.A (stands for the first letters of our first names) and to present it to a jury at the end. After the lunch break there were still 2 periods to complete, then the commercials were presented and the business game award ceremony was held at the end. We won the advertising task with our ad under the motto “You know that feeling when ...” and were rewarded accordingly. But unfortunately it was not enough for us to qualify for the final as we ended up in 4th place. However, we all enjoyed participating and gaining this experience.