Graduation Ceremony Our Bachelor Graduates 2022

After three years of the pandemic, the time has finally come for us to shake hands with our students and not have to wear a mask in the graduation picture - finally, personal contact again.

December 15th 2022, Tim Scholten

For us as educators, this year was a challenge, because due to the Corona outbreak, new paths had to be taken in both the theory and the practical phase. "The theory phase was suddenly declared over and many questions remained unanswered that could not be answered directly." Sarah Sievers (HR Specialist Vocational Training) remembered.

Nevertheless, we have mastered all these ups and downs together and can now also congratulate all our graduates on successfully completing their studies in 2022. Mr. Holger Hary (HR Specialist Vocational Training) opened the Graduation ceremony with the remarks that the successful completion of the studies confirms that our path at Rutronik is the right one.

The future staff members were also congratulated by Mr. Frank Altrock, representing the Management, on their good grades and Bachelor's thesis results. "I am very pleased that we have managed to get all the graduates through all the exams safely and with a pass, and I wish them all the best for the future," explained Mr Altrock (Chief Operating Officer).

Alica M├╝ller, for example, has found a place in facility management after her successful three-year traineeship as a businesswoman in wholesale and foreign trade and her successful dual degree in business administration. In addition, Benjamin Herman, who spent a semester abroad in Geneva (Switzerland), has successfully integrated himself into the Ispringen III sales department (Lake Constance region) as an Internal Sales Assistant. Annika Epple was also successfully integrated into the Freiburg Sales Department as an Internal Sales Assistant. Mr. Tim Roos graduated in Industrial Engineering and started as Solution Business Development Manager. Ms Joelle Baitinger graduated in Logistics in Ludwigshafen and is now starting in SAP HCM Project Management in the Human Resources Department.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Mr. Tim Scholten graduated top of the class of 2019. With an average of 1.5 and a graded bachelor thesis of 1.1. Rutronik rewarded this achievement with a bonus and an iPad. Tim Scholten took up the newly created position of Sustainability Manager on 1st October last year. Here he takes on the increasingly important and rapidly growing topic of sustainability and the environment, so that the company is prepared for the future. If you would like to find out more about the various training programmes at Rutronik, you are welcome to visit our careers page.