The first bigCareer Milestone

We had long been looking forward to the start of our careers at Rutronik on September 1st, 2021. Finally, the big day arrived and we all met up in Ispringen on Wednesday, September 1st, at 8 a.m.

September 10th 2021,  Marc H├Âferer, Chris Umlauf and Maurice Unger

Thanks to a previously conceived testing and hygiene concept, participation of all the dual-study students and trainees was possible without any problems.

The first day was already very productive and kicked off with a brief welcoming talk by our trainers, Mr. Hary and Ms. Sievers. This was followed by the Rutronik newbies briefly introducing themselves to each other. From the start, every effort was made to create a pleasant atmosphere in which everyone felt relaxed and comfortable.

Needless to say, the aspect of learning was also emphasized and various members of staff presented their respective departments and daily tasks. We were offered an insight into how such a large company operates behind the scenes and how versatile our new employer actually is.

Equally impressive was a tour of the company, which gave us the chance to experience first hand the diverse everyday practices of Rutronik. During the tour we were also greeted amiably by lots of employees and welcomed into the 'Rutronik Family', so to speak.

Afterwards, a buddy meeting was organized, where we were able to ask former dual-study students and trainees questions about the vocational training college and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) and to get an insight into what we can expect in the individual departments. The next two days were also extremely informative and included group sessions focusing on 'business etiquette' and 'communication', during which we learned some of the soft skills that we will soon need. To round off the week, an organized training rally allowed us to explore the beautiful town of Ispringen in greater detail and to discover more about the location of our new employer.

The start of the following week was no less exciting, as we went on a trip to the Educational and Training Center Schloss Flehingen, where we stayed overnight and spent the next day. Once again, you could see the months of hard work and effort by our training team to ensure we had the best possible start to our careers at Rutronik. We completed many unusual team-building activities that further increased group cohesion and where we also had to put our heads together to find the right solution. The result was clear, without exception everyone was eagerly involved, bringing their own strengths to the overall success of the team.

The grand finale of the introductory week was a geocaching event in Flehingen, which enabled us to round off the whole experience together under a bright sky.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know each other so well, to grow as a team and to already feel part of the 'Rutronik Family' even before starting to work together at Rutronik.