2017 Advent party The apprentices and dual study program students’ waffle stand

December 20, 2017, Selina Geiger

After strenuous preliminary discussions and energetic talks among the helpers it became clear: there will be waffles, roasted almonds, gingerbread and bags of candy. We quickly agreed on the waffle toppings. Once it had been clarified what was needed for the waffle dough and to bake the waffles - including mixers, bowls and ladles - we could sit back, since most of the equipment was still available from last year. Even extra new waffle irons had been ordered for this year to ensure the best quality waffle.

The next step was to go shopping for the ingredients. The two responsible people on shift offered their services. A pool car was booked, the list of things to buy printed out and off we went. After three hours and a lot of deliberating at Kaufland, the shopping cart was slowly being filled and the shopping list was getting shorter. With the strong support of Warehouse Management at Markom, the car was quickly empty and the ingredients were stowed away.

The preparation was therefore done and we were ready to start. The first shift went to work at 3.30 p.m. and produced three bowls of waffle dough. An hour later, things really got going, three waffle irons were in use right from the start, which was necessary in light of the demand. Tactics were quickly devised to sell as many waffles as possible. After a short briefing and hand over of the waffle stand, the second shift went to work. A strategy was also developed in no time at all here to guarantee smooth waffle production. 

Everyone’s appetite for waffles, however big or small, could be satisfied with a great deal of fun and a good technique.

The hut was cleared out quickly and everything was meticulously cleaned from 9.00 p.m. Although it seemed like a hopeless case to restore the waffle irons back to a usable state to start with, (waffle dough sticks and bakes on well above all!), we did manage to scrub everything completely clean in the end. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the happy waffle baking. Gladly every year with such a great team!