Having a coffee with …Vanessa Jakob

Vanessa Jakob was born in Heidelberg and has been working at Rutronik since October 2016. She works in Product Marketing as a Product Sales Manager and is responsible for the technology of the film capacitors and electric double layer capacitors.


You started your professional career at Rutronik. What did you do after school?

After completing my “Abitur”, I did a year of voluntary social work at the 1899 Hoffenheim football club. Afterwards, I started a dual study program in industrial business studies, not at Rutronik though but at a medical technology company. After the dual study program, I then started my current position here straight away.


What do you do at Rutronik?

As Product Sales Managers, we support our sales colleagues on the one hand and the field application engineers on site at customer’s on the other hand. We are the technical product specialists with regard to our technology. We are also on site at the customer’s together with our colleagues to provide them with the best advice in terms of the components and suitable technologies, independently of manufacturers


What is it about your job that motivates you?

The variety of the job combined with things that are important to me both privately and professionally are what motivate me. These include communication and talking to different people. What also appeals to me is switching languages between German and English, which is roughly half and half. You travel, are out and about but not every day, the main base is always still here. I also have the opportunity to massively further develop because as I’m just starting out I’m in totally new pastures and can really go wild. I can take a proactive approach and contribute my own ideas. As Product Sales Managers, we can pull strings to a certain extent and everything comes back to us. All of this makes my job really exciting.


What are the greatest challenges in your job?

Communication is a blessing and curse at the same time. It is often related to the size of the company. Unfortunately, things sometimes get lost internally. Now and again it makes it difficult to inform everyone involved. Major customers work together with assembly companies. These companies in turn purchase worldwide, this means our colleagues from Italy, Asia and the USA are all working for the same project on site. With these structures it is difficult to always have the same level of information.