Having a coffee with ...Marcel Schatz

Marcel Schatz, one of our account managers at Rutronik. He is the contact person for the needs and concerns of his customers. In an interview he tell's us about his everyday life at Rutronik. Find out more about Marcel and his job as an account manager.


Who are you and what are your tasks as an account manager?

Hey Hey, I'm Marcel and I'm 31 years old. In Ispringen, as an account manager, I am the first contact person for my customers in the area. My primary responsibility is to coordinate and ensure business transactions with my customers. I am responsible for the concerns and needs of my customers, help them with their decisions and act as a reliable partner.

With my long-term relationship with my customers, on the one hand I ensure that their expectations are met and the customers are satisfied and on the other hand i contribute to the success of my company. That's why I focused a lot on professional and solution-oriented work.


What has been your greatest success in your job so far?

My greatest success as an account manager was that I was able to take on responsibility for larger customers despite my limited industry knowledge. I expanded the existing business with these customers and successfully developed tailor-made solutions to implement the company's goals in the short, medium and long term.